Freistadt: our hobbies

Hobbies in Austria

In Austria we have a lot of chances to do some sports.

Typical sports are:

  • football

  • fistball

  • volleyball

  • mountain biking

  • swimming

  • climbing

In our school we have the chance to play with our teachers in a group fistball.

And then we go every year to a competition, it is called “Bezirksmeisterschaft” .


Near our school we have an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

So we haven’t any problem to go swimming with our class.

In the winter we have a lot of possibilities to go skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.

In Linz, it is the capital city of Upper Austria we can go indoor ice-skating in a very big hall.

All the pupils in our school have one big hobby. -> It’s MUSIC !!!!!!

Everybody in our school plays one or more instruments.


We like the school very much, have a lot of fun in our breaks, the teachers (all of them;-)) are quite okay and we learn a lot J

In our school we also have one project, it´s called "Tastes of Europe"and it´s a Cominius project supported from the EU.

You can have a look at our homepage,there is also a blog concerning this project on:

From this project 7 pupils and two teachers were in Slovakia in March,

it was very funny and we enjoyed it a lot.


There are some pictures of our hobbies

This is the big hall in linz called ICE-ARENA

This is a short insight into one of our samples

Our fistballteam

Ski area in „Schladming“

The coolest indoor swimming Pool

Climbing in Austria

Mountain biking