Freistadt: the city

Freistadt is a small Austrian town in the state of Upper Austria in the region Mühlviertel. With a population of approximately 7,500 residents, it is a trade centre for local villages. Freistadt is the district commission of the same named District Freistadt. The nearest sizeable cities are Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. Freistadt was an old medieval town.
The main entrance to the Old Town is through the Linz Gate. The spacious main square is surrounded by painted fronts of renovated burghers' houses. On the highest point of Freistadt stands the parish church of St Catherine. At the corner of the square a gateway leads to the 14th century Schloss Freistadt, with a 50m/165 ft high keep which now houses the Mühlviertel Schlossmuseum, a local museum with a large collection of verre églomisé (glass decorated with a layer of engraved gold). Outside the Bohemian Gate stands the little 15th century Liebfrauenkirche with beautiful "pillars of light".

external image 3302980545_ddab73ed6e_o.jpgFreistadt at Winter