Freistadt: the music


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Lukas Plöchl from "Trackshittaz" and Cornelia Mooswalder were at the Castingshow "Helden von Morgen" (heroes of tomorrow).
Conni won the contest and Luki (from Freistadt) was second.
Our class were at the rehearsal in Vienna in the ORF, because the sister of Lukas is attending our school.
It was very funny and great to see the show live! external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSflsbo0if-ybFWmrRgpSAFdppAXiqtETSXGkF9Yf0GvBjVvOiH

There is a photo of our visit in the ORF-studio!
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Cornelia Mooswalder

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Stadtkapelle Freistadt

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There is nearly in every town a "Stadtkapelle".There are often little groups, who play at traditional events.

Many of our pupils also play in these groups.

This is a photo of the band of Freistadt. Johanna and Carina play the clarinet since 2009. It is often very funny, but sometimes a little bit boring! Every Friday it is a sample and sometimes there are disengages.

Reinhard Fendrich
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Rainhard Jürgen Fendrich (born 27 February 1955 in Vienna) is an Austrian singer, presenter and actor. He is one of the most successful artist of the Austropop.
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Falco was a very special rapper, but he died of drug addiction in a car accident.