Freistadt: traditions


Typical clothes in Austria are the "Dirndl" and the "Lederhose". When there are festivals most of the people wear this traditional clothes.

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Most families go to church the day before Easter Sunday. Easter is on the 23th of April.

At Easter üarents hide eggs and sweets in their gardens and then the kids look for these things together.

All kids and adults like these traditions.

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At Christmas nearly every family has a christmas tree with candles at home.

Every year before Christmas ,our school makes a school concert with the four other classes.

The weeks before Christmas are a very quiet time, it means everybody prepares for Christmas.

Christmas is one of the the two biggest celebrations of the year in Austria.

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Traditional dances:

The "Schuachplattler" is a traditional ,very old dance. It is mostly danced in groups by men. You clap your hands at your feets and jump around in a circle.Most of the men wear a "Lederhose".

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