Huelva: daily routines

We always go to school from monday to friday, unless we have a party . Mondays and wednesday we have to go to school in the afternoon .On Mondays at the lunch time, we have to go to school to give MIM (Infantile missionary movement, to talk about Jesús with the children of fifth of primary). On friday afternoon, we have to go to school to receive MJS ( Spinola youth movement , or to talk about Jesús and us ) and the end MJS each go out with our friends down the street . Saturdays and sundays we can go out with friends , go see a game , see a movie , study or anything . The places most visited of us are Paseo Santa Fe is like a street where is our school, but we can stay there with diffirent people and meet new friends. We can buy candies near there or go to a cafe to have there some snacks or drinks.

On fridays when we go out school we sometimes go to the paseo santa fe , is the street where is our school , on fridays there's a lots of people in this city because is in the centre of the city , it's a beautiful city.The people go there because there's a lot of people and you can know more people.
We sometimes on friday or on saturdays go to the cinema , in Huelva is a tipical thing that we do with some friends or with our parents.
In summer , we usually go to a summers camps, in our school every years we go to a diferent city , the first year of secundary school we went to the cardenal spinola school of Málaga. It's a beautiful city and is next to the sea and to the mountain , in second cours of secundary school we went to Sanlucar is a village of Seville , it's very big but the school of Málaga is more beautiful than the school of Sanlucar. This year we are going to go to Corteconcepción school, a village of Huelva. It's a small city , but is good , because is in the mountain and is a beautifull city
Now in Huelva some people likes to go to the paintball , is a new play and the people like to go with friends.

Hi guys!
We usually get up at 7:30 in the morning and then we go to school. Out school have children from 3 years old to 16 years old.
When the classes finish some people go to a gym, practise some sports or go to a English or Spanish academy. Also some people go to a conservatory of music.
On fridays we go to the school and we do some religious activities, we do activities about Jesús. Then, a lot of friends go to shopping or walt in downtown, normaly. We go to the cinema too.
In summer, many people go to the beach. The Huelva's beach it's really cool and beautiful. There are many beach in Huelva: Portil, Punta, Mazagón, etc... There we can swim in the sea, play tennis or volleyball, go shopping, have lunch there with sandwiches or go to a bar. In July, we go to summers camps with others school, but with the same founders: Marcelo Spinola and Celia Mendez. There, we meet a lot of people of other places (Seville, Sanlucar...) This year we are goning to go to Corte Concepción. It is a village of Huelva's mountain range.