Huelva: Hobbies

In Huelva, Our hobbies are going to see our football team. His name is Recerativo de Huelva and it´s the oldest team in Spain.
We do sports in the parks for example " Parque Zafra". We left in brotherhoods with blankets for a week holiday of celebration.
We´re going to see "Virgen del Rocio" in a village of huelva.this is a very important celebration in huelva. In the summer we go to the beaches of my city and we bath, play and sleep.In christmas, we see the family and eat with them and the day of kings we take the presents and play all day. These are the hobbies of Huelva.

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Alberto Méndez

Huelva: our hobbies


In Huelva , you can do a lot of things like go run at park, play football, basketball or tennis. There are a lot of activities to choose! If you prefer do another things, you can also take photography in someplaces, there are many parks and very beautiful places es, like Eifel Bridge. You can also go to our sport centers and other sport. If you like music, you can play an instrument in the conservatory , or go to dance or sing academies! They are really interesting. There are many concerts too.

You can also go to the theatre or go to the cinema. If you like shops can go shopping in Huelva's downtown or in the Aqualon, our shop centre.

Here, in Holy week, you can go out with the religion's processions, there're a lot! Like "Pasion", "La Esperanza", "La Victoria" or "El Nazareno". We like it so much, is a very popular tradition.

You can go to "El Rocio", it is a procession with the Rocio's Virgin, during this celebration the people sing and dance fandangos, sevillanas, etc.The people wear the typical suit. They ride a horse to.

The weader in Huelva's summer is very hot and you can go to Punta Umbría to the beach, you can swim, play volleyball, go to the chiringuito etc...Some people meet with his friends and go to the calle ancha ans swim in the ria.

Hobbies in our class:

Some people, especially the boys in this class (but not all of them), like the sports: they like playing football, basketball, doing regattas, swimming... and also seeing matches, etc. They are very well in sports. I think that the sports are great to improve our physical condition.

There are people that love the music: somebodys like listening to music in their free time or playing some instrument. In our class, there are 4 people that are playing a instrument in the conservatory. They're very busy guys, because they have to organize very well their free time. I think that listening to music is a good hobbie because you can relax and identify your feelings with songs, and learning to play an instrument is very difficult.

A lot of people like reading books, and I think that this is a very interesting thing, because you can develop your imagination; it's very important that you like the book that you're reading.

Some people like drawing, too. In their free time, they spend a lot of time to draw dolls, landscapes... I think that drawing is a really difficult hobbie.

We can also sing, in the school there are people who sing very well. There are people who prefer to devote their time in a academy to learn to speak in another language.

In our class, we have a lot of differents hobbies: this is a good thing, because in there, everybody can learn more things and respect to the different hobbies that there are.


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You can alsow be in a band of music of holly week , in Huelva there are five important bands: the ''Aspiración'', ''la Salud'', el ''Nazareno'',la santra Cruz and ''santa cena''.
Some people like to play and instrument like the trompet or the drugs in a band of music , is very nice if you like the holly week and you like play an instrument.
Sometimes is boring for the people who plays in a band because they finished very late they star practising at 20.30 and the normaly finished at 23.00.
This year is the anniversary of one of the best bands in Huelva ''La salud'' they are fifteen years old :)


In Huelva, you can go to Moret Park, is a large urban park in Huelva. It is one of the most significant places of the capital by its strategic location and was considered a genuine natural within the city.

Huelva is also famous for the water sports like windsurf or skateboard. The west coast is also famous for surf and sailling. You can do water sports on the marina. We also are fomous for fishing and hungting..