Huelva: the music

The most traditional music in Huelva is the fandango.

One of the most important feature of the fandango is the expression of emotions in its couples.
There are some styles of fandango but the most featured are the fandango are in the Sierra of the Almonaster and Encinasola.
In the south of Huelva, in the coast, are the own fandango of the capital. This fandango, is accompanied with a spanish guitar. But we listen other kinds of music, too. One spanish group very known here is 'El Canto del Loco', this group have many beautiful songs a few of there are slowlies and other a bit faster, the only bad thing is that the group separate for a few of time.

Andalucía have different styles of fandango but the fandango of Huelva is special.
The fandango sings in strophes of five verses of eight syllables and one of these verses, repeat.
The Fandango and Sevillanas are the most popular. The sevillanas are dancing with a simple dance that has four part.
The dance of Sevillanas

The sevillanas are most popular in Huelva and Sevilla , because in May we have the Rocio, a peregrination. The people goes to the Rocio, in Almonte, Huelva, and sing the sevillanas and dance. It is a special time in the year for us.

There are singers Onubenses, as Manuel Carrasco , Maria Isabel or Sergio Contreras .
This type of music is more normal . We also hear much the music of Holy week .
One ofthe most popular band is "Banda de cornetas y tambores virgen de la salud " .
Also we usually listen to flamenco and we dance it too.

This Band, Virgen de la Salud, Born the 25 of April of 1996.
The uniform is similar to lancers of the Royal Guard of the king of Spain. Now it has 70 components and 40 marches. This band is the more popular of Huelva and it plays in Seville and Huelva. In 2006 the band celebrate the 10 years old and this year celebrate 15 years old.
In this video we can hear a typical fandango dedicated for Punta Umbría, a village near Huelva Capithal, its made it by a popular fandango´s singer, called Paco de Lucía , the instruments that he usually plays are the guitar and sometimes we can hear him playing the piano.

This its the video : Punta Umbría-Paco de Lucía

There's and other singuer popular in Huelva , his name is Pitingo , He sings , sevillanas fandangos , tipical music of Huelva and Andalucia in genereal.
He live's in Huelva , and He has got a new disc , his name is ''ole y amén''