Huelva: traditions

In Huelva, there are a lot of traditions.

I’m going to start describing some importants festivals:

-On 20 of January, we’ve got a very important patron saint’s day --> San Sebastián

external image san+sebastian+huelva.jpg

-Then, on March, he’ve got the Carnavals festivals. A lot of people disguise and they go out. There are a lot of cavalgates in the streets with people disguised.

-One of the most important festival is the Easter. All of students are on holidays, and we like to see Easter processions in the streets.

Huelva: The Easter

This is a video of one of the most important events in our city: "The Holy Week" that takes place in Easter, represents the Passion of Christ and a symbol of the culture of Huelva too. This year is from the April 17 until April 24. It consists of...

-Lay brotherhoods, (cofradías), process through the city in huge parades from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. In our city there are 26 brotherhoods which are distributed during the week as "The Nazareno" or "The Esperanza".

-Costaleros bear the pasos, huge floats, made of painted wood that carrying religious figures.

-Others,Penitents (penitentes) and Nazarenes (nazarenos), who wear their distinctive costumes, walk alongside the pasos. Along the processions many people sing saetas, wich are flamenco verses mourning Christ's passion. The Huelva celebrations date back to the sixteenth century.

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Group of costaleros 

external image penitente.jpg


external image Cofradia%20en%20la%20Semana%20Santa.JPG


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"Paso" (also is called "Misterio") of The Nazarene's Christ

external image DSC_0331.jpg

"Paso" (also is called "Palio") of Esperanza's Virgin

Semana santa.

Is one tradition very popular here. This is in March or April aprox.The people of Huelva are very sentimental with this tradition because is very beautiful. I can´t explain very well. I put a video for see well. The people that you see in the first photo are " PENITENTES or NAZARENOS" They are diferent.This tradition hard 1 week. Easter or Semana santa starts on Sanday, a day which is call DOMINGO DE RAMOS. In the streets you can see the principal scenes of Jesus's live in the processions. The Semana Santa finishes on Sunday too. DOMINGO DE RESURECCION. This day you can see the procession when Jesus raises. The other days you can see other processions.Ahh¡ The person that leas the virgin under the step in his shoulders are COSTALEROS. Is very beutiful as dance the step for the streets in Huelva. and is very beautiful too the song that the people sing a Maria or Jesus Because is very difficul sing it.

If you want to see more videos or photos put on the Youtube "SEMANA SANTA THE HUELVA"

Today missing 10 days for domingo de ramos.

external image semana-santa.jpg

external image semana-santa-huelva.jpg
-We’ve got another very important patron saint’s day is in 8 of september --> Nuestra Sra. de la Cinta.
-external image Nuestra_Se%C3%B1ora_de_La_Cinta.JPG

-There are a Colombino Cup trophy.

external image Presentacion%20Trofeo%20Carabela%20de%20Plata-0001.jpg

- Other tradition is the output of the Rocío's Brotherhoods. They are pilgrims from the villages of origin to the point of encounter, it is in the village of Rocío. The next link is the Official Website:

Hermandad del Rocío de Huelva

external image 184.jpg

. This is the medal of the brotherhood of Rocio.

external image Medalla-Hermandad-del-Rocio-de-Huelva-_Primera-Hermandad-con-Medalla-Propia_.jpg

- The last but not less important is the Latin American Film Festival (November). In this festival are famous throughout Spain, and sometimes from abroad.
external image Festival_de_cine_iberoamericano.JPG

-Another tradition is "Las Colombinas " in them mounted attractions and booths . By nightfall there are fireworks , also city lights . Each night, a different singer sings songs of his latest album, and sometimes they sing songs which are a little older . And all this to celebrate the discovery of America and the starting date of the new world .

external image 1095145054_7d19c8240f_o.jpgexternal image Huelva-Fiestas%20Colombinas04.jpg

For me the best time in Huelva is the holly week , it's now in April or March. For me is the best time in the year.
There are much tradicions in holly week like eat torrijas. But the most important is see the processions or cofradias
there are sculptures of the live of Jesus Cristo. It's only a week but is very nice.
In holly week there are processions and bands of holly weeks.
Much people go with the processions wearing a tipical clothes is the'' suit of nazareno or penitente''

In Huelva is too popular too the Christmast.