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Hello!! (:

The "Musikhauptschule" in Freistadt was founded in 1976 by Mr. Tomschi, a composer. First it was a normal Secondary Modern School, but after a few years it became a special school with a main focus on music. Now everybody who attends the school has to practice an instrument and to sing in a class choir.

School starts at 8:00 am and ends at 13:35, but on Wednesday and Thursday we have school until 16:15. We don't have to wear any school uniforms and we are very happy about this. In the fourth class we can choose another language, Czech. In the end of this school year the students who are in the Czech-rate can travel to Czech Republic for one day to get to know the other culture. The Czech Republic is only about 40 km from Freistadt, so we don't have to travel for a long time.

Every year in May, there's the "Aufklang" where every class choir from the whole school has to sing some songs, and the school band also plays a few popular song pieces.

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Some classes of our school are invited to the "Landesjugendsingen" every year and most of the time, they reach a decoration.

Our class's last project was the benefit concert for Haiti on the 27th March in the "Salzhof".

Last year we arranged a great Musical called "Madame Dracula"! It was a big success and many people came to watch it (more than 3000 people!!!). All the kids enjoyed the rehearsals, because we had no school and it was really funny to act with the pupils from other classes.



At first there was a casting in our school, where some teachers chose the best actors. We had to learn our lines and sing a short excerpt of a song. We also had to practice lots of dances.

There was a band, in which teachers and some kids played their instruments very professionally.

It all took us a lot of time and nerves, but we think it was worth it.

At the end we all had new friends and by and large it was the best time in our four years at this school.

In the first class we traveled to "Losenstein" to sing one week every day. We also got our new classmates to know. It was great fun!

In the second class we drove to "Wurzeralm" to go skiing there.

In the third class we went to "Radstadt" on a summer-sport-week. There we rode bikes, went swimming or played Volleyball in the evenings. We also had a walk to a waterfall, which was really beautiful.